There are many different types of brick and these can vary in colour, strength and durability. The cement/mortar binding them can be fragile, as can the brick itself. Therefore with this in mind, each cleaning project is assessed on a number of different factors, allowing us to give each client an individual, detailed cleaning schedule.

The cleaning method used will defer depending on the brick type, the condition of its binding, and the environmental conditions the brick has sustained. We have a diverse range of mechanical and cleaning solutions to suit the individual brick type.

Prior to any work commencing, we will carry out a full survey to establish the best methods and if required, carry out a test clean. If you are happy with the results of the test clean, we will then provide you with a no obligation quotation.

Whether your enquiry is regarding the cleaning of either a building or a small garden wall, feel free to contact us at Welsh Building and Render Cleaning to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 07792 382820