Stone has been used for century's to build and decorate our homes, used for building walls and for landscaping., and often with a mix of new and old stone quite often found on the same project. We, at Welsh Building and Render Cleaning, will research the appropriate method to carry out your cleaning or restoration requirements.

With advances in cleaning methods, modern technology and environmental awareness, we have invested in training and equipment to meet our clients requirements. Whether your enquiry is concerning heritage stone or modern stone, please contact us.

There are many different types of stone and mortar binding them. This, as well as whether it is a hard or a soft type of stone and the environmental conditions that the stone is subject to, will help us to establish the appropriate method of cleaning and suitable equipment needed for the project.

Once the cleaning process is completed it reveals the often surprising beauty and colourful masonry that has been hidden under many years of environmental airborne pollutants. A variety of colours of stone appear, reds, blues and yellow bringing your stonework back to its pre-existing colour and texture.

Many people are unaware that modern 'cement based' mortar can have an adverse effect on natural stone and in some cases, it can cause significant damage to natural stone. With the experience we have gained in this field we are able to offer our clients specialist advice on how best to limit this damage.

Included in our stone cleaning process:

1. Undertake a detailed survey to determine the type of stone, its condition and the
environmental impact that it may have had on it.
2. Determine the most suitable method to be used.
3. Assess the most suitable access equipment to be used, if necessary.
4. Comply with necessary Health and Safety standards.
5. Advise the client in advance if any additional works may be required eg. repointing etc.
6. Carry out all other cleaning. This may include cleaning down of doors, windows, gutters, pathways and surrounding areas.

Any further questions, then please contact one of our team.

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